A few words from Murray's clients...

Murray is very good at pursuing your goals and dreams and making them into reality. When you come away from a session you feel invigorated and rearing to go.
— Carol Nossek
The aspect that I value the most is that the sessions provide a safe space for me to speak about my dreams and the developments at Safe and Sound.
— Colleen Walter
Murray helped me to put my life into perspective and to define who I was, and as I did this I became aware of my strengths, values and gifts.
— Ian Marais
Saying Murray has had a significant impact on our lives over the past twenty years would be understating the truth.
— Imagine
If I look back, I can undoubtedly say that Murray’s coaching assisted me in achieving many of my goals, which at the time of setting them seemed impossible.
— Theoneil MacDonald
Murray is quietly strong, anchored and humble. He is well planned and well prepared – and his confidence has been in wisdom, not power.
— Warrick Strydom
You have really been a life coach in the truest sense of the word. What started as a career engagement, extended into a far more holistic engagement.
— Andrew Mackie
[Murray has] an incredible way of earning trust and winning our utmost respect!
— DJ McPhail
Since I met him almost 20 years ago he has systematically turned my life upside down. Encouraging me to achieve and strive for things I would never have thought possible.
— Garth Jemmett
Murray believed in us more than we believed in ourselves.
— John-Louis West
Murray’s creative leadership and experience helped me to grow in my career without sacrificing on time with my family, which was also growing.
— Raymond Goncalves
Murray came to see us one evening and asked what he could do to see this vision become a reality.
— Toby Brouwer
Murray helped me open that pinhole right up and exposed potential in me to go far beyond what I had in mind.
— Weyers Marais